Financial Policy

Thank you for choosing Rocky Mountain Pediatric Dentistry. Our primary mission is to deliver the best and most comprehensive dental care available for your child. An important part of the mission is making the cost of optimal care as easy and manageable for our families as possible by offering several payment options.

Payment Options:

You can choose from:

  – Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card

  – NO INTEREST Payment Plans from CareCredit

  • Allow you to pay over time with NO INTEREST
  • Convenient, low monthly payment plans also available
  • No annual fees or pre-payment penalties

Payment is expected at the time services are rendered.

For patients with dental insurance we are happy to work with your carrier to maximize your benefit and directly bill them for reimbursement for your child’s treatment.  Estimated patient cost shares are due at the time of service.  Please remember that insurance is considered a method of assisting in the cost of care and is not a guarantee of payment.  Some companies pay fixed allowances for certain procedures and others pay a percentage of the charge.  It is your responsibility to pay any deductible amount, co-insurance and any other balance not paid by your insurance company.  Past due balances are subject to a 1.5% monthly finance charge.

Rocky Mountain Pediatric Dentistry charges $30 for returned checks.


Listed below are RMPD’s standard fees for common dental procedures.  These fees are not reflective of contracts RMPD has entered into with various dental insurance providers.  Contracted dental insurance fees vary widely with different dental insurance companies. 

The health care price listed for any given health care service is an estimate. Actual charges for the health care service are dependent on the circumstances, including any complications or exceptional treatment, at the time the service is rendered. 

If you are covered by health insurance or a dental plan, you are strongly encouraged to consult with your insurer or plan to determine accurate information about your financial responsibility for a particular health care service provided by a health care provider at this office. If you are not covered by health insurance or a dental plan, you are strongly encouraged to contact our billing office at 719-638-7673 to discuss payment options prior to receiving a health care service from a health care provider at this office since posted health care prices may not reflect the actual amount of your financial responsibility